Professional Development: Data Analysis: Take It to the MAX

Do you struggle with data analysis? Have megabytes of sensor data to analyze? Are you looking for a smart way visualize your data in order to make sense out of it? Then this online class might be of interest to you!

You will start with a deep dive into data analysis with spreadsheets: PivotTables, VLOOKUPS, named ranges, what-if analyses, and making great graphs. After mastering spreadsheets, you will examine other ways to store and analyze data. You will also look into how Python, a programming language, can help you with analyzing and manipulating data in spreadsheets.

Length: 8 weeks; self-paced
Offered by: DelftX (online courses from Delft University of Technology)
Price: Free with option to add a Verified Certificate for $50

This class is taught with video lectures and hands-on exercises. Class assignments will be done primarily using Excel 2013 and Windows. Most assignments, however, can also be completed using another spreadsheet program and operating system, but DelftX cannot offer full support for all configurations.