Professional Development: edx Spring Course Offerings in Civic Ecology, Learning to Love Stats, and Bioethics

Reclaiming Broken Places: Introduction to Civic Ecology will explore why and how people come together to care for nature and cultivate community in places marked by disaster, war, poverty and environmental degradation. The course begins on April 10 and runs for 6 weeks. You can pursue a Verified Certificate of Achievement for a small fee or audit the course.

I “Heart” Stats: Learning to Love Statistics is the course for those with a dysfuncional relationship with statistics. It is designed to help you to get to know stats, build a healthy bond, and maybe even fall in love! Begins April 15 and runs for 9 weeks. Pursue a Verified Certificate or audit this course.

Introduction to Bioethics explores some of the most difficult and fascinating moral challenges we face in health, medicine, and emerging technologies. It will also begin on April 15 and run for 10 weeks. You can audit this course or try for an Honor Code Certificate.

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