Siméon-Denis Poisson: Mathematics in the Service of Science

The Mathematics Statistics Library (100 Evans Hall) is hosting an exhibit on 19th century French mathematician and physicist Siméon-Denis Poisson through December 17, 2014. Poisson’s equation, or the potential theory equation, is named for his famous correction of Laplace’s second order partial differential equation for potential. The exhibit includes many of his major works, such as a series of memoirs on definite integrals and his discussion of the Fourier series. Poisson also wrote hundreds of essays, notes, reports and several books, many of which are available online via OskiCat. During his career as a “teacher-scholar,” he taught as a professor at the Université de Paris and had the honor of being elected to the Académié des Sciences. To learn more about Poisson’s life and work, take a look at the exhibit catalog or visit the exhibit yourself!

Portrait of Siméon-Denis Poisson by E. Marcellot, 1804.

Portrait of Siméon-Denis Poisson by E. Marcellot, 1804. Courtesy of Archives de l’École polytechnique.