Loeb Classical Library Online 60-day Trial

The 60-day trial of the digital Loeb Classical Library is now online at http://www.loebclassics.com.

Key features include:

  • Single- and dual-language reading modes
  • Sophisticated Bookmarking and Annotation features
  • Tools for sharing Bookmarks and Annotations
  • Greek keyboard
  • User account and My Loeb content saved in perpetuity
  • Intuitive Search and Browse
  • Inclusion of every Loeb volume in print
  • Regular uploading of new and revised volumes


The Loeb Classical Library does not require a login/password. Instead, it recognizes established UCB I.P. addresses. When not on the UCB campus, use the Library proxy service VPN (Virtual Private Network) <http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/using-the-libraries/vpn> to access