Norma Kobzina Library Fund

Norma Kobzina & her cookbook collection Norma Kobzina worked at UC Berkeley for over thirty years as the library liaison to the College of Natural Resources, building strong ties to faculty and programs across the campus. She was a born teacher, a generous mentor and the Ultimate Librarian.  Norma managed to combine her expertise with generosity, openness of mind and curiosity about the world. She has left a lasting legacy for students, faculty, researchers and colleagues, on campus and across the country.

The Library set up the Norma Kobzina Library Fund to help support the natural sciences collections and services that Norma loved.

Donations can be given to the Norma Kobzina Library Fund. Until December 1, 2013, your donation will be doubled, thanks to a challenge gift; for every dollar raised, the anonymous donor will contribute two dollars meaning that a $100 gift will become $300. The challenge applies to a total of up to $20,000 in gifts (the donor will contribute a maximum of $40,000). When the total fund reaches $50,000, it will become an endowment fund.
Photos of Norma and brief memorials from her friends and colleagues can be viewed at