Jan Carter, our new Fund Coordinator for Arts & Humanities

I’m very pleased to announce that Jan Carter agreed in August to join the Collections Budget Group as the Fund Coordinator for the Arts & Humanities Group.  I also want to thank Jan for attending the July CBG meeting on an ad hoc basis as the A & H representative.

Jan is the selector and liaison for Philosophy, Religious Studies, Rhetoric and Graduate Services, and active member of the Arts & Humanities Council. Jan is also the CDL Resource Liaison for several philosophy and religion resources and participates in the UC Bibliographers Group for Philosophy and Religious Studies.

In addition to evaluating collections in her areas of selection, Jan has provided leadership in managing broader Doe and Moffitt NRLF projects, and recently served on the Large-Scale Collection Reviews Working Group.  She was also a member of the Role of the Librarian Team in the Library’s Re-Envisioning process.  Jan’s ability to take a library-wide perspective and her deep understanding of collection development and management issues make her an excellent addition to CBG.

–Jean McKenzie