New PubMed Feature: Author Keywords

Providing you with more ways to search, author-provided keywords, if provided by publishers, will now be showing up in the in the Abstract, MEDLINE, and XML displays. Just so you know, PubMed will not review these author keywords for accuracy or add them to non-publisher supplied citations.

To search for author keywords, type in the search box without any tags (e.g., TI, AB) or search using the Other Term [OT] or Text Word [TW] tags (e.g., antimicrobials[OT] or antimicrobials[TW]).

Want to see an example of this? Search PubMed for the article titled Antimicrobials: Strategies for targeting obesity and metabolic health?

Currently, author keywords will not import into EndNote or Reference Manager. Another announcement will be made when new PubMed import filters are available.

More information is available here.