Open Access at UC on YouTube

On October 23, 2012, Professor Richard Schneider, UCSF — with an introduction by Molly Van Houweling, Professor of Law at UC Berkeley — presented a program as part of the library’s Open Access Week activities.

In his talk, Professor Schneider described how scholars can empower viable alternatives to the present system of scholarly communication, regain control over their publications, and increase the reach, visibility, and impact of their research.

Watch the video on the UC Berkeley Events YouTube channel:
Open Access at UC: Maximizing the Reach, Visibility and Impact of Your Research

About the speakers:

Richard Schneider is an Associate Professor at UCSF and has chaired both the UCSF and UC Systemwide library committees of the Academic Senate. In May of this year, UCSF became the first UC campus to implement an open access policy. Under this new policy, electronic versions of all scientific articles authored by UCSF faculty are now to be made freely available to the public via eScholarship, an open access repository. The vote by the UCSF faculty senate was unanimous, making UCSF the largest scientific institution and the first public university to adopt an open access policy. Richard Schneider led the effort to pass and implement this landmark policy.

Molly Van Houweling has been involved in open access issues as a member of Senate Library Committee and as a staff and board member of Creative Commons, a non-profit organization that facilitates sharing of knowledge and cultural resources through open licensing.