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COS Funding Opportunities is a directory of available funds, grants, fellowships, awards and other types of funding throughout the world. Includes sponsors from the public and private sector; local, state and national governments; and societies and corporations.

COS Funding Opportunities allows you to refine your search by:

  • location
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  • eligibility requirements (citizenship, undergraduate/graduate student, professional, minority, women …)

and more.

SAGE Open (OA in the social sciences and humanities)

The UC Berkeley Library, through its Berkeley Research Impact Initiative (BRII), has entered into a partnership with SAGE that subsidizes author fees for papers accepted to SAGE Open, a new open-access journal. This means that UC Berkeley faculty whose papers are accepted in SAGE Open will be able to publish there for free. This is a particularly exciting partnership as it expands open access publishing opportunities in the social sciences and humanities. Now Berkeley authors in those disciplines have an opportunity to gain a wider audience for their research and thus potentially increase the impact of their work.

  • About SAGE Open: SAGE Open is a new peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research and review articles spanning the full spectrum of the humanities and social sciences. As an online-only, open-access journal, SAGE Open is designed to publish research results rapidly and to make its content freely available to anyone in the world with access to the Internet.
  • About Open Access: The business model for open access publishing shifts the cost of publication from subscriptions to authors. Open access journals are freely available but in order to pay production costs, they charge a fee to the author to publish in their journal. In many fields, particularly the sciences, that fee is then charged to a research grant. Recognizing that scholars in the humanities and social sciences may not have grant monies to draw on, the Berkeley Library and SAGE developed this unique partnership. For more on the crisis in scholarly communication and the open access movement, see the Library’s Scholarly Communication website.