More new PubMed features: Results by year and PMC images search

PubMed keeps adding new features – hard to keep up! Here’s a couple of the latest:

  • The "Results by year" timeline tool will display for search results with 10,000 or more citations. Mouseover the bars in the timeline to display the number of citations for each year, click the right and left arrows to display older or newer years, and click the individual bars in the timeline to display the results.


  • The "PMC images search" tool will display for PubMed search results that meet a number of criteria, e.g., results with a minimum of 250 citations, filters are not active, the search does not include Boolean operators, the search retrieves a minimum of 4 relevant images calculated using a term weighted algorithm.
    To enhance the size of an image, mouseover the thumbnail in the tool.

More information is in the NLM Technical Bulletin.