HathiTrust digitized books in OskiCat

You may have noticed a lot more online books in OskiCat recently. The library has begun loading HathiTrust records for digitized versions of public domain items into our catalog. When the project is complete, there will be over a million new records in the catalog. You can find these in OskiCat with a keyword search on hathitrust.

Public domain means that the items are not protected by copyright. U.S. government documents and works published before 1923 are examples of items in the public domain. All users can view the full-text of these books online. UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and students can download the whole book (PDF) by logging in with your CalNet ID. This service is possible because the University of California libraries are partners in HathiTrust (pronounced “hah-tee”), a national project to create a shared archive of books scanned into electronic format.