SCP monthly update – April 2012

The Shared Cataloging Program (SCP), based at UC San Diego, provides catalog records for the UC campus libraries. SCP provides regular updates which we have been posting on the Collection Services blog:

Here’s an except of the message that came out of SCP this month:

“Last month we distributed the first set of records for the Alexander Street Press collection Theatre in Video (350 titles). This is also the first time SCP has distributed bibliographic records for videos. Theatre in Video contains performances of plays and film documentaries. Included are live television broadcasts of New York productions from the 1950s, experimental performances from the 1960s and 70s, and revivals of classical works. The collection contains performances from as early as the 1930s.

Other major monograph distributions for the month were for Open access (801 titles, of which 782 were National Academy Press titles), Springer (486 titles), Wiley (136 titles), ACM (124 titles), IEEE (121 titles), and Apabi (52 titles). The only significant serial distributions were for Open access (147 titles), most of which were DOAJ titles.”

Quarterly package cataloging statistics are now available and indicate if a package’s title count showed a net increase or net decrease from the previous quarter. The first quarter statistics are posted at