6th ed. of Informing the Future: Critical Issues in Health released by IOM

Informing the Future: Critical Issues in Health is now in its 6th edition, and is freely available online. The report illustrates the recent work of Institute of Medicine committees, followed by a description of IOM’s convening and collaborative activities and fellowship programs. The last section provides a comprehensive bibliography of IOM reports published since 2007.

The chapter on Public Health describes work in:

  • National security
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Public health law and policy
  • Women, children, and families
  • Oral health
  • Vaccination
  • Emerging genetic technologies
  • Examining the value of cancer care

There are also chapters on:

  • The healthcare system
  • Food safety and nutrition
  • Shaping research priorities
  • Global health

and more.

All IOM reports are available from their website, and many are also available at the Public Health Library.