NY Times op-ed on public access to research

The Research Work Act (H.R. 3699) introduced into Congress in December threatens to roll back the NIH Public Access Policy, the groundbreaking 2008 policy that gives the public access to biomedical research results paid for by taxpayers money. This newly introduced bill also seeks to block the development of similar policies at other federal agencies. Mike Eisen, UC Berkeley associate professor of Molecular and Cell Biology, has penned a New York Times op-ed, Research Bought, Then Sold (January 10, 2012), in which he argues, among other things, that “Rather than rolling back public access, Congress should move to enshrine a simple principle in United States law: if taxpayers paid for it, they own it.” Professor Eisen is also quoted in the Wired Science blog (January 6, 2012) on this same topic.