Guide to Italian Literature

Dante and Virgil and souls before the gate of Dis. Canto IX, 14th century.

Modeled after the Guide for French and Francophone Literature, this new Research Guide for Italian Literature is a starting point for research on Italian literature in the UC Berkeley Library. For additional resources in all formats including e-books, please explore related LCSH subject headings in OskiCat or browse the shelves near the relevant call numbers supplied in this bibliography.

The guide is lengthy (19 pages) but is sub-divided as follows: General Guides and Literary Histories, Italian Language Dictionaries, Manuals and Guides to Literary Theory and Criticism, Poetry, Theater, Guides by Literary Period: Middle Ages, Dante Studies, The Renaissance, 17th century, 18th-19th centuries, and 20th-21st centuries. Bookmarks on the left (viewable in most web browsers) allow one to skip through the PDF file rather easily in locating a specific section.

While links to some electronic resources are provided, the Italian Studies subject grouping in the Library’s Electronic Resources Finder contains the most current digital resources available and should be consulted when using this guide to what are, for the most part, printed books.

The subject guide includes works by many Italian Studies faculty as well as noteworthy tools such as: