Springer Usage/Cost Analysis Report

CDL recently released an internal report on UC Springer e-Book Pilot Usage/Cost Analysis 2009-2010 (Confidential) [CDL password-protected]. Prepared by Chan Li and Jacqueline Wilson, the report describes a number of key findings based on their analysis of system-wide usage of Springer e-books. Selective highlights include:

  • Springer e-book usage increased proportionately with Springer e-book collection growth from 2009 to 2010.
  • Shared cataloging made Springer e-books more discoverable to UC users. E-book usage increased significantly after SCP records were added to Melvyl and local catalogs in March 2009.
  • Based on average use-per-title, the three most used collections were “Professional and Applied Computing,” “Mathematics and Statistics,” and “Chemistry and Materials Science.” The three least used collections were “Humanities, Social Science and Law,” “Business and Economics,” and “Computer Science.”
  • Based on overall use, the three most used collections were “Mathematics and Statistics,” “Computer Science,” and “Biomedical and Life Sciences.”
  • Springer e-books continue to be used over time. Books from 2009 and 2010 were used more often, but books from 2005-2008 were still used.

Selectors are encouraged to read the Executive Summary, or full report, for more information.

-Brian Quigley