CRL Purchase Proposal Program Nominations are now OPEN

The UC Berkeley Library is a member of the Center for Research Libraries (CRL). As such, we are in a position to

  • influence the selection of temporary or permanent access to resources that CRL funds (via the Purchase Proposal Program and/or the Demand Purchase Program)
  • participate in shared purchase programs facilitated by CRL (via the Shared Purchase Program); and
  • apply for financial help to build local collections (via the new Scholar’s Access Program)

 Different material types and criteria apply under these four programs. For more information, see CRL’s webpage, Cooperative Resources Program (

Purchase Proposal Program Nominations for 2012 are now OPEN
Kicking off the 2012 Purchase Proposal Program, CRL is asking for nominations of microform and hard copy collections for CRL purchase that meet the following criteria: the resources are not readily available for loan from five or more CRL libraries; cost $1,000 or more; form a coherent unit, or consist of separate works that are all listed in an existing standard bibliograph or fall within an easily definable class, or reproduce a single known collection. Some limitations apply.

If you are interested in making a nomination, see CRL’s webpage,  Purchase Proposal Program ( and contact either Bernie or Gail for the passwords needed to access the nomination site.

Shared Purchase Program for 2011 results in five new microform sets
The CRL Shared Purchase Program supports the cooperative acquisition of costly major microform or printed sets that were nominated and considered for the Purchase Proposal Program, but were not of sufficiently broad interest to warrant purchase under the funds earmarked for that program.

CRL just announced five microform sets that were nominated for the Purchase Proposal Program but were not broadly supported for CRL direct funding. However, under the Shared Purchase Program 17 member libraries agreed to cooperatively purchase these for all members:

  • Gubernatorial Reports of Russian Imperial Governors 1855-64. IDC Publishers. ($12,113)
    The 19th-century reports of the provincial governors of the Russian Empire dispatched annually to the Ministry of the Interior and ultimately to the Tsar himself are a primary source for research on Russian history. From 1804 until the revolution of 1917, these reports documented economic changes, political events, and popular disturbances as well as the actions of provincial administrations.
  • Lyttelton Times. Christchurch, New Zealand. Bludeau Partners International LLC ($6,000)
    The Lyttelton Times (LT) was one of the principal newspapers of the Canterbury region for 80 years. It was published from 1851 until 1929, when it became the Christchurch Times until publication ceased in 1935. CRL already holds LT from 1902 to 1906 and has a very limited representation of other New Zealand mainstream papers.
  • Sources on Social Welfare Freie Wohlfahrtspflege Harald Fischer Verlag (9,990 euros or $13,725 USD depending on the exchange rate)
    The German social state was to a large extent formed by the field of independent welfare work. Philanthropical and Christian initiatives and organizations spearheaded social work in the 19th century. This series contains important but, until now, little-known sources of German social history from before the 1848 Revolution up to the Second World War. The set is widely held in Germany and German-speaking countries but has been unavailable in North America until now.
  • Xin Wen Bao Microfilm. National Library of China. (263,000 RMB or $38,649 USD depending on exchange rate)
    Originally operated jointly by foreigners and local Chinese and published in Shanghai, Xin Wen Bao was once the most widely distributed newspaper in China. This set covers the late Qing and the entire Minguo Republican eras, and will make the current CRL holdings of the newspaper’s back files complete.
  • Zhongguo jin dai Zhong yi yao qi kan hui bian Shanghai Zhong yi yao da xue bian ji Shanghai ci shu chu ban she 2010-06-01. CIBTC China Intl Book Trading Corp. (RMB 100,000 or $15,279 USD depending on the exchange rate)
    This five-part series includes a total of 200 volumes of reprints of modern (19th- and early 20th-century) periodicals on Chinese traditional medicine, an emerging field of Chinese history for historians of science and practitioners.

 Best regards, Bernie