Update on the Receipt of Materials in the Catalog Dept.

If you’ve noticed fewer books coming into your library, here’s why.  Due to the requirements of the Millennium upgrade that will take place this Sunday (9/12/10), we have not been able to process materials that come with electronic invoices.  This includes PromptCat, Casalini, Touzot, Coutts, Garcia-Cambeiro and Harrassowitz.  We have had to hold these books for over a week.  After the Millennium upgrade, it will take us a week or two to work through the backlog and return things to normal.

 If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Tonette Mendoza, tmendoza@library.berkeley.edu, 642-9878 or Lupe Ochoa, lochoa@library.berkeley.edu, 642-6139.