Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz appointed as Assistant Head, Catalog Department

Chuck Eckman is leaving Berkeley to become the Dean of Library Services and University Librarian at Simon Fraser University on September 1, 2010. In his July 9th email to allusers, Tom Leonard announced that I would be assuming Chuck’s responsibilities for Collections, Acquisitions and Preservation.

My new assignments will require changes to where and how I spend my time. One of these changes is in the Catalog Department where I will continue as Director. I am pleased to announce that, as of today, Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz has accepted the role of Assistant Department Head. Lisa will oversee daily operations and be the Library’s main point of contact for most Departmental matters.

Lisa, Armanda Barone and Tonette Mendoza will continue to report directly to me. Armanda will continue her System-wide activities while Lisa’s focus will shift toward operations and representing the Department within the Library. Lisa will continue her role as a member of the Next Generation Technical Services Task Group charge to Develop Enterprise-Level Collections Management Services.

While the Catalog Department is under-staffed, it is in a good place with respect to productivity and morale. Our new Departmental priorities and workflows have us doing almost as much work as we did, but with ten fewer people. I would like to thank our Department’s staff for their hard work and openness to change. Special thanks go to Lisa for taking on her new role. I have confidence that our staff, working with Lisa, will continue to serve the Library with their best efforts.

Best, Bernie