The SCP Load Projects are Complete (Hallelujah!)

In our last Catalog Department blog, we presented an overview of the Shared Cataloging Program (SCP).

I am please to announce that OskiCat is now up to date with respect to all SCP record loads, both serial and monograph.

 The final step in the SCP project, just completed, was to load the backlog of “ongoing” SCP serials into OskiCat. The SCP record loading project was extremely complicated and included a large number of people who went though multiple iterations of spec writing, review, programming and test record loads.

I am extremely grateful to all the people who worked on this project. Our thanks go out to Lynne Grigsby, Dana Jemison, Eileen Pinto, Alvin Pollock, Tom Raftery, Jackie Silva, Charis Takaro, David Zuckerman, Serials Cataloging and the Catalog Management Group, especially Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz.

Bernie Hurley