Catalog Department Priorities

The Catalog Department very recently had its staff reduced by 25% due the library-wide hiring freeze and staff participation in the Voluntary Separation Option (VSO).  In response, we have developed new priorities that focus our remaining resources on high priority needs.  These priorities have been presented and discussed at all the Subject Councils, DMAG, Round Table and with the Library Administration.  In the next week or two, we will post a few short blogs on each of our new priorities, listed below. 


Cataloging Priorities


Priority 1:     Establish a standard and efficient workflow


Priority 2a: Maximize patron access to newly received monographs by cataloging as much of this material as possible. 



Priority 2b: Fix high-priority record problems reported to the Catalog Department


Priority 3:   Manage the backlog and find creative means to reduce its size


Communication Priorities


Priority 1:  Facilitate ongoing and open communications with library staff users of Catalog Department Services to ensure we understand their high-priority needs


Priority 2:  Establish targeted communication methodologies to disseminate cataloging policy, priorities and procedural changes to library staff and administration