PromptCat Record Loading Resumes in Two Phases

OCLC and their WorldCat Cataloging Partners (suppliers of PromptCat records) made substantial changes to how they generate PromptCat files in late October, 2009.  PromptCat files loaded with slip dates of 10/26/09 or later contained so many problems that we suspended loading the files into Millennium in early December.  OCLC has corrected the problems and regenerated all the files for us.  We plan to resume loading files in a two phase process. 


Phase 1:  Starting immediately, PromptCat files that were never loaded into Millennium will be loaded at a rate of about 1 file per day.  After each load, MRU will release the relevant shelf-ready books to the Subject Libraries for processing.  Subject Library books that came from PromptCat which were not shelf-ready will be sent to the Catalog Dept. for further processing.


Main PromptCat books will be released for selector review as files are loaded. Lupe Ochoa will send an email to the relevant selectors when materials are ready for review. 


Phase 2: Loading the newly regenerated files that correct problems created by the previous PromptCat file loads into Millennium is more problematic.  We are test loading a number of these files on the Millennium training server to see what kind of clean-up we have to undertake when these files are loaded into the production server (e.g., duplicate item records created).  We’ll post more information on the Catalog Dept. blog, as our plans develop for reloading these files.


Note: Subject Libraries that are holding books due to errors in the previously loaded files should continue to hold these until we have informed you that we have reloaded all the files in Phase 2.  Please do not send database maintenance requests for these record problems.  You will be able to process these once the corrected records are reloaded.