The Hair of the God That Bit You: New Books in Graduate Services For August

It’s the dog days of August, and slowly but surely we are gathering steam for the academic year. Last month we had two new books on the new book shelf; this month: three. Look out September, it’s going be huge! No time to get ahead of ourselves though, what we got here is some good stuff. The new book from Helene Cixous, as well as bibliograpies for both John Updike and Gore Vidal. Thank god Norman Mailer wasn’t involved. So come on in and give them a pat on the back and rub their little tummies. Especially if you are suffering from too much summer-time on you hands and experiencing academic withdrawal. They like it and so will you. Soon everything will be back to normal and write side up. Trust me. Enjoy.


so close

So Close by Helene Cixous


John Updike: A Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Materials, 1948-2007 by Jack De Bellis and Michael Broomfield


Gore Vidal: A Bibliography, 1940-2009 by Steven Abbott