Let’s Get Visible: New Books in Graduate Services for July

Only two books made their way to us this month. That said, these are two great books! Not only did Ralph Ellison’s unfinished second–and last–novel become not so invisible anymore, but the second edition of the Norton Anthology of Theory & Criticism appeared. Who made the cut this time, and who got cut out from the first edition…or should I saw got shot out of the canon? Were you happy with the editors’ choices? If not, get to writing about some of the guys left out. It’s your research and your papers that will establish or reestablish the guys with only one name needed as a reference point. It’s two books this month, but books with enough charater–and pages–to more than make up for a slow July on the new books shelf here in Graduate Services. Enjoy.



Three Days Before the Shooting by Ralph Ellison


The Norton Anthology of Theory & Criticism 2nd Edition edited by Vincent B. Leitch