LibX for CDPH: Searching just got easier

Are you interested in a tool that facilitates searching in PubMed, Google Scholar, OskiCat (UC Berkeley catalog), and WorldCat (All-UC and world-wide catalog) ?

The Public Health Library has created a customized tool called “LibX for CDPH” that does all this and more! LibX ( is an open-source browser plugin that provides direct access to library resources. LibX has been used for many years by hundreds of libraries. “LibX for CDPH” is an edition created by the Public Health Library for you.

After downloading and installing “LibX for CDPH” you will see a “LibX for CDPH Toolbar” on your Internet Explorer browser. You may enter any words in the Search box and use the drop-down menu to search PubMed, Google Scholar, OskiCat, or WorldCat. In addition, you can select (highlight) any text on a web page, right-click your mouse, and search either PubMed, Google Scholar, OskiCat or WorldCat for the selected text. There are more features of “LibX for CDPH”. For details, including downloading instructions and screen shots, go to: