Melvyl Catalog maintenance: the effects of the migration to OskiCat

Due to the launch of OskiCat, the new UCB library catalog, it is necessary to do maintenance work on the Melvyl Catalog to accommodate the transition from GLADIS and Pathfinder to OskiCat. Most of the work should be transparent to Melvyl and OskiCat users, but some user services will be affected.

Automatic Updates: During the transition, the Melvyl Catalog will be frozen between July 15 and August 30, 2009. During this period, no new catalog records from any of the UC campuses will be added to Melvyl, and this means that users will not receive their usual Automatic Updates.

Request Service: Since the Melvyl Catalog will be frozen for approximately six weeks, this may cause temporary problems with the Request service.