Undergraduate Research Prize winners

Looking for some inspiration and hope for the future of academia?

Look no further than the projects that won the 2009 UC Berkeley Library Prize for Undergraduate Research.  The winning entries were described by one reviewer as "mind-blowing."  These included:

  • Christine Russell, "’We Don’t Scare Easily’: The Gary Case and Housing Discrimination in Richmond, Ca, 1952"
  • Jaimee Comstock-Skipp, "Whose Painted Reality? Redefining Orientalism in British Representations of the Sultan Hasan Mosque in Cairo"
  • Jesse Hoffman, "A Family of Prophets in 2nd Century Roman Egypt"
  • Mark Mallery, "Marijuana National Forest: Encroachment on California Lands for Cannabbis Cultivation"
  • Kelly Fabian, "Dissecting Andreas Vesalius’s Epitome"

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