What is so bad about food and drink in the Library?

The Library has a policy prohibiting food and drink. Here are some reasons why.

Food and drink attract rats, mice, and bugs
Where there is garbage, rodents and insects follow. These pests literally eat paper, glue and bindings. Empty cups, cans and wrappers provide an ideal environment for pests.

Spills cause mold, which can’t be cleaned from books
No matter how careful you are, accidents do occur. Spills can cause stains and moisture is a breeding ground for molds and mildews. Fungal growth is highly contagious and can spread through an entire collection in a matter of days. Many of our books are out of print and irreplaceable.

Cleanup is costly
The Library spends a lot of money and staff time each year to keep our collections and facilities clean. Set-in stains require extra effort and time to remove.

What can I do?

  • Finish food and drinks before entering the Library and throw trash away in waste bins.
  • If you do bring food into the Library, you will be asked to throw it away, take it outside to finish, or leave it at the Security Desk to pick up later.
  • Tell us if you see a spill so it can be cleaned quickly.
  • Remind your friends not to bring food and drink into the Library.

Thank you!