Need that article in a hurry?

The grant application is due….you are chasing an elusive citation for a paper you are about to submit….or…

If you need to get at an article in a hurry, and it is NOT available either online or at any UCB library, you may want to take advantage of the Public Health Library’s Expedited Article Request Service!

This service is available to UC Berkeley School of Public Health faculty, academic staff, and graduate students only.  Urgently needed articles from journals that are neither online nor at a UC Berkeley library, but ARE at UC San Francisco, UC Davis, or UC Santa Cruz may be obtained using this online form. Articles typically arrive at our Circulation Desk in 1-3 business days. Complete details may be found on the online form.

If the article requested turns out not to be available, we will notify you, and you can then try UCB’s Interlibrary Borrowing Service (ILB) if you wish. If the article is at the Stanford Library, we recommend you use the Research Library Cooperative Program (RLCP). (Please note that ILB and RLCP may also be used for items other than journal articles.)