UC’s Bancroft Library celebrating Mark Twain

“Mark Twain smoked between 20 and 40 cigars a day. He loved billiards, cats and technology. And he once invented an adjustable garment strap.

These tidbits, and many more, can be found at a UC Berkeley exhibit about the literary giant that opens Dec. 1. On Friday, however, there will be a sneak preview to coincide with homecoming weekend at Cal.

Titled “Mark Twain at Play,” it’s the first show in the new gallery of the revamped Bancroft Library, which was closed for seismic refitting in 2005 and will reopen in a few months.

The exhibit focuses on the writer’s leisure pursuits – from yachting and sketching to private social clubs and amateur theater – and how they influenced what he produced.” – Patricia Yollin, Chronicle Staff Writer

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