SciFinder Scholar 2007 release

The SciFinder Scholar 2007 client software is now available for both PC and Mac OSX users. UCB students, faculty and staff can download the software at the UC distribution site. Remember that PC users have two files to download, the SciFinder Scholar file and the site.prf file. There is only one file for Mac OSX users.

SciFinder Scholar provides online access to several databases, including Chemical Abstracts, Registry, CASREACT, CHEMLIST, CHEMCAT, and MEDLINE.

What’s New in SciFinder Scholar 2007:

  • Categorize a reference answer set by subject categories and substances into order to create a histogram for easy analysis.
  • Combine a current answer set with a saved answer set of the same type: reference, substance, or reaction.
  • Launch a new structure search or refine a current structure search by clicking on any structure in an answer set
  • Export Commercial Chemicals records into Microsoft Excel
  • Print substance answers in a 1-4 column grid.

Off-campus access to SciFinder Scholar and the UC software distribution site for the SciFinder Scholar 2007 client is available if you use the campus Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. You cannot use the library's proxy server to access these resources.