New Look for Moffitt Library’s East Terrace

East entrance and terrace of renovated Moffitt Library

We are pleased to introduce the newest addition to the Moffitt Library project – the East Terrace.

The current renovation work includes a new entrance from Memorial Glade into Moffitt Library. We expect this entrance to be very popular, given its proximity to many other campus buildings, including Doe Library.

As plans evolved for the upper Moffitt floors, we considered the experience of students entering the building and expanded the project to enhance the lighting, seating and walkways on the East Terrace.

An outdoor coffee stand, brought to you by the same vendors as the popular FSM Cafe, will be available for grab-and-go coffee and snacks. As Moffitt will become food and drink friendly, with the opening of the renovated floors, students can enjoy their snacks outside or bring them into the library to work.

The rendering, provided by the project architects from Gensler, depicts an early vision of Moffitt’s East Terrace. We are in the early stages of planning; specific designs will be refined through the spring.

More information about the renovation can be found at

Post contributed by Jean Ferguson, Learning and Research Communities Librarian