Important Update to the Accompanying Materials Procedures



All staff who create item records for accompanying materials (e.g. CD-ROMs or DVDs that come with books), please note a crucial change to the procedures for processing Accompanying Material.



Because Millennium cannot distinguish between an item record for accompanying material and the item record for the primary material, a distinction must be imposed between the two using the volume field within the item record for the accompanying material.  The purpose behind making this distinction is so users may place a hold specifically on either the primary or accompanying material. Without the imposed distinction in the volume field, the system may not even allow the hold, or it may fulfill the hold with whichever piece is available first (e.g. the book or the CD)  – which may or may not be the piece the user wants.



The change takes place in section 5. Processing Procedures for Subject Specialty Libraries (SSL).  Specifically, please read section  Volume Field.


The document is available on AskTico:  Accompanying Material Cataloging and Processing for Monographic Materials, in the “Cataloging” section.



Comments regarding this change or suggestions for clarification or identification of potential problems, etc. should be directed to Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz ( and Tom Raftery ( no later than Friday, April 2nd.