2020/21 GALC New Acquisitions

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Arboretum Entrance

Artist: Belau, Susan
Title: Arboretum Entrance
Date: 2018
Medium: Etching
Description: Etching and chin-colle. Signed, numbered, and annotated “E/V.”




Yuba River III

Artist: Chamberlin, Wesley
Title: Yuba River III
Date: 1986
Medium: Linocut, Woodcut
Dimensions: 34 x 27.5”
Description: Signed and titled.


Underlaying Bark

Artist: Cole, Jennifer
Title: Underlaying Bark
Date: 2017
Medium: Collagraph
Dimensions: 19.25 x 25”
Description: With small chine college drypoint.




Art, the New Truth

Artist: Dadgar, Ali
Title: Art, the New Truth
Date: 2019
Medium: Painting
Dimensions: 18 x 22”
Description: Acrylic paint on newspaper.



Les Ecuries d\'Augias (The Augean Stables)

Artist: Gisiger, Hansjorg
 Les Ecuries d’Augias (The Augean Stables)
Date: 1955
Medium: Linocut
Dimensions: 31.5 x 23″
                                                            Series: XX/4
                                                            Description: Signed, titled, and numbered.


Untitled, Chairs

Artist: Gui, Emily
Title: Untitled, Chairs
Date: 2019
Medium: Silkscreen
Dimensions: 20.5 x 24”




Das Totenhaupt

Artist: Marcks, Gerhard
Title: Das Totenhaupt
Date: 1923
Medium: Woodcut
Dimensions: 13.5 x 16″
Description: Titled, dated, and initialed.





Artist: McCloskey, Robin
Title: Departure
Date: 2019
Medium: Etching, Monotype
Dimensions: 19.5 x 24”




Dark Horse

Artist: Nelson, Madison
Title: Dark Horse
Date: 2020
Description: Signed and numbered by the artist.



My Mustang

Artist: Nelson, Madison
Title: My Mustang
Date: 2019
Description: Signed and numbered by the artist.



Marjerie Glacier

Artist: Orvik, Kari
Title: Marjerie Glacier
Date: 2020
Medium: Photograph
Dimensions: 12 x 15”
Description: Wet plate collodion and acrylic.





Artist: Pauwels, Nora
Title: Aloe
Date: 2019
Medium: Etching
Series: “2/5”
Description: Signed and numbered.




Untitled, Circles

Artist: Pohlod, Meghan
Title: Untitled, Circles
Date: 2020
Medium: Relief
Dimensions: 20.5 x 20.5″





Artist: Stark, Lucy
Title: Feet
Date: 2017
Medium: Silkscreen





Fruit Salad

Artist: Stark, Lucy
Title: Fruit Salad
Date: 2016
Medium: Silkscreen
Description: Arrangement of four prints designed to resemble tiled wallpaper.





Artist: Stark, Lucy
Title: Trash
Date: 2017
Medium: Silkscreen





fern-butterfly effect h-1

Artist: Tachibana, Seiko
Title: fern-butterfly effect h-1
Date: 2014
Medium: Intaglio
Dimensions: 13 x 17″
Description: Signed, titled, and numbered.




Abstract II: Ironhead

Artist: Voulkos, Peter
Title: Abstract II: Ironhead
Date: 1979
Medium: Lithograph
Description: One from a series of five prints, published by Master Editions. Signed by the artist.




Sphinx und Handschuh

Artist: Wunderlich, Paul
Title: Sphinx und Handschuh
Date: 1979
Medium: Lithograph
Dimensions: 21 x 27″
Series: “971/1500”
Description: Signed and numbered.