Election news from the Social Sciences Division

Congratulations to Brian Light, Chief Operations Manager for the Social Science Division, who was recently elected to the Governing Council of the Berkeley Staff Assembly. The BSA is an organization of UC Berkeley staff members who work together to create community and professional development opportunities. Says Brian, “I joined to be more involved with the greater Staff community at Berkeley. It is easy for us to get absorbed in our corner of campus (in my case the Library) and not always see how we interact with the rest of campus …  this is a great opportunity to make some broader campus connections, learn more about how the campuses operate, and hopefully bring back some good ideas and best practices, as well as connections, to my team here in the Library.”

Brian has worked in the Berkeley Library since 1999, starting as a Library Assistant 2 in the Education/Psychology Library and has been the Chief Operations Manager in the Social Science Division since 2015. His most recent achievement was planning and executing the closure of the Education/Psychology Library, a project that included many people, multiple departments, and a great deal of coordination. He managed this complicated process with a minimum of disruption to access. And always with good humor and an agreeable attitude. The BSA is lucky to have snagged Brian!