Professional Development: How to Communicate Effectively, Even When It’s Hard

Are you looking to improve your communication skills? Do you want tools that can help you improve the morale and quality of your workplace? Then this class might help!

We have more electronic tools than ever to help us stay in what may seem like constant contact with each other. Poor communication skills, however, can counteract those advances and be the bane of your work life. They can lead to never-ending email threads, unproductive meetings, confusing feedback, and disorganized project management.

Good communication skills, however, between bosses and workers, or between co-workers, can significantly improve the conditions and quality of work. One technique that can help is called Emotional Intelligence (EI).

In this class, you’ll learn:

* What EI is, why it’s important, and how to handle yourself and your relationships in ways that strengthen personal communication and leadership
* How to approach work styles and personality differences thoughtfully and effectively
* Practical tips and tools you can take with you and start implementing at your workplace tomorrow

Date: Thursday, June 14
Time: 11:00am – noon PT
Price: Free
Training provider: NextGen Nation