Library Service Changes from the Public Health Library

As most of you already know from Michael Marks’ April 19th email, the Public Health Library contract with CDPH is coming to a close on June 30, 2018.

In preparation for that, there will be a number of changes upcoming in May and June. The first items to let you know about is that no new library card applications will be accepted after May 7th and book checkouts will stop May 24th so if you need a book, please request it right away. Also, just a reminder that all library cards expire June 30, 2018 so if you have checked out any books yourself they need to be returned before the contract ends.

As mentioned in the email, you need to register as a CDPH Library Services User in order to receive any library services after June 30th. More information about the new library services and the Public Health Library’s changes will be forthcoming.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Debbie Jan