New Books Added To The Graduate Services Collection In April

Aesthetics : 1958/59

Aesthetics 1958/59 by Theodor W. Adorno edited by Eberhard Ortland and translated by Wieland Hoban

What is philosophy?

What Is Philosophy? by Giorgio Agamben

The complete poems of A.R. Ammons

The Complete Poems Of A.R. Ammons Volume 1: 1955-1977 edited by Robert M. West with an introduction by Helen Vendler

Complete poems of a. r. ammons - volume 2 1978-2005.

The Complete Poems Of A.R. Ammons Volume 2: 1978-2005 edited by Robert M. West with an introduction by Helen Vendler

Port William novels & stories : the Civil War to World War II

Port William Novels And Stories: The Civil War To World War II by Wendell Berry edited by Jack Shoemaker

The history of the European migration regime : Germany's strategic hegemony

The History Of The European Migration Regime: Germany’s Strategic Hegemony by Emmanuel Comte

The Norton anthology of western philosophy : after Kant

The Norton Anthology Of Western Philosophy: After Kant: The Analytic Tradition edited by James Conant and Jay Elliott

Freud : the making of an illusion

Freud: The Making Of An Illusion by Frederick Crews

Spectacular Disappearances : Celebrity and Privacy, 1696-1801

Spectacular Disappearances: Celebrity And Privacy, 1696-1801 by Julia H. Fawcett

Last kiss

The Cambridge Edition Of The Works Of F. Scott Fitzgerald: Last Kiss edited by James L. W. West III

Women, compulsion, modernity : the moment of American naturalism

Women, Compulsion, Modernity: The Moment Of American Naturalism by Jennifer L. Fleissner

Subjectivity and truth - lectures at the college de france, 1980-1981.

Subjectivity And Truth: Lectures At The College De France 1980-1981 by Michel Foucault

Sweet Science Romantic Materialism and the New Logics of Life

Sweet Science: Romantic Materialism And The New Logics Of Life by Amanda Jo Goldstein

The Construct of Identity in Hellenistic Judaism Essays on Early Jewish Literature and History

The Construct Of Identity In Hellenistic Judaism: Essays On Early Jewish Literature And History by Erich S. Gruen

Ponderings. [Volume 3], XII-XV, 1939-1941 : Black notebooks

Ponderings XII-XV: Black Notebooks 1939-1941 by Martin Heidegger translated by Richard Rojcewicz

Protestants abroad how missionaries tried to change the world but changed America

Protestants Abroad: How Missionaries Tried To Change The World But Changed America by David A. Hollinger

Death be not proud : the art of holy attention

Death Be Not Proud: The Art Of Holy Attention by David Marno

New collected poems

New Collected Poems by Marianne Moore edited by Heather Cass White

Beautiful days : stories

Beautiful Days: Stories by Joyce Carol Oates

What Are We Doing Here? Essays.

What Are We Doing Here?: Essays by Marilynne Robinson

Norton anthology of western philosophy: after kant.

The Norton Anthology Of Western Philosophy: After Kant: The Interpretive Tradition edited by Richard Schacht

Reading in detail : aesthetics and the feminine.

Reading In Detail: Aesthetics And The Feminine by Naomi Schor

Bernard Shaw and William Archer

Selected Correspondences Of Bernard Shaw: Bernard Shaw And William Archer edited by Thomas Postlewait

Spy of the first person by Sam Shepard

Spy Of The First Person by Sam Shepard

House of Government.

The House Of Government: A Saga Of The Russian Revolution by Yuri Slezkine

Improvised continent : Pan-Americanism and cultural exchange

Improvised Continent: Pan-Americanism And Cultural Exchange by Richard Candida Smith

Joe Hill : a biographical novel

Joe Hill: A Biographical Novel by Wallace Stegner

The origins of the Chinese nation. Song China and the forging of an East Asian world order.

The Origins Of The Chinese Nation: Song China And The Forging Of An East Asian World Order by Nicolas Tackett


The Rhetoric Of Hiddenness In Traditional Chinese Culture edited by Paula M. Varsano

Tracking the banished immortal : the poetry of Li Bo and its critical reception

Tracking The Banished Immortal: The Poetry Of Li Bo And Its Critical Reception by Paula M. Varsano

Personal writings 1903-1921 : precocious Waughs

The Complete Works Of Evelyn Waugh Volume 30: Personal Writings 1903-1921: Precocious Waughs edited by Alexander Waugh and Alan Bell

Vile bodies

The Complete Works Of Evelyn Waugh Volume 2: Vile Bodies edited by Martin Stannard

The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde. Volume VIII, The short fiction

The Complete Works Of Oscar Wilde Volume VIII: The Short Fiction edited by Ian Small

Al que quiere! : a centennial edition

Al Que Quiere! A Book Of Poems by William Carlos Williams

The voyage of thought : navigating knowledge across the sixteenth-century world

The Voyage Of Thought: Navigating Knowledge Across The Sixteenth-Century World by Michael Wintroub

The Illustrated Letters of Virginia Woolf.

The Illustrated Letters Of Virginia Woolf selected and introduced by Frances Spalding

A final story. Science, myth, and beginnings.

A Final Story: Science, Myth And Beginnings by Nasser Zakariya

Incontinence of the void : economico-philosophical spandrels

The Incontinence Of The Void: Economico-Philosophical Spandrels by Slavoj Zizek