New Books Added To The Graduate Services Collection In March

Complete film criticism : reviews, essays, and manuscripts

Complete Film Criticism: Reviews, Essays, And Manuscripts by James Agee edited by Charles Maland

The Oxford English literary history. Volume 1, 1000-1350, conquest and transformation

The Oxford English Literary History Volume 1: 1000-1350: Conquest And Transformation by Laura Ashe

Half-Light : Collected Poems 1965-2016

Half-Light: Collected Poems 1965-2016 by Frank Bidart

Image result for Seasons: A Gwendolyn Brooks Experience

Seasons: A Gwendolyn Brooks Experience edited by Nora Brooks Blakely and Cynthia A. Walls with illustrations by Jon Spivey Gilchrist

The pianoplayers

The Irwell Edition Of The Works Of Anthony Burgess: The Pianoplayers edited with an introduction by Will Carr

A history of European literature : the West and the world from antiquity to the present

A History Of European Literature: The West And The World From Antiquity To The Present by Walter Cohen

C. Day-Lewis - The golden bridle : selected prose

The Golden Bridle: Selected Prose by C. Day-Lewis edited by Albert Gelpi and Bernard O’Donoghue

From the Kingdom of Kongo to Congo Square : Kongo dances and the origins of the Mardi Gras Indians

From The Kingdom Of Kongo To Congo Square: Kongo Dances And The Origin Of The Mardi Gras Indians by Jeroen Dewulf

Imagining persons : Robert Duncan's lectures on Charles Olson

Imagining Persons: Robert Duncan’s Lectures On Charles Olson edited by Robert J. Bertholf and Dale M. Smith

An open map : the correspondence of Robert Duncan and Charles Olson

An Open Map: The Correspondence Of Robert Duncan And Charles Olson edited by Robert J. Bertholf and Dale M. Smith

The Oxford English literary history. Volume 5, 1645-1714, the later seventeenth century

The Oxford English Literary History Volume 5: 1645-1714: The Later Seventeenth Century by Margaret J. M. Ezell

Big Book of the Continental Op. by Dashiell Hammett

The Big Book Of The Continental Op by Dashiell Hammett edited by Richard Layman and Julie M. Rivett


Assembly by Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri

The short stories of Ernest Hemingway the Hemingway library edition

The Short Stories Of Ernest Hemingway edited with an introduction by Sean Hemingway and a foreword by Patrick Hemingway

Why Are We in Vietnam?

Why Are We In Vietnam by Norman Mailer with a foreword by Maggie McKinley

A saturnalia of bunk : selections from The free lance, 1911-1915

A Saturnalia Of Bunk: Selections From The Free Lance 1911-1915 by H. L. Mencken edited by S. T. Joshi

No villain by Arthur Miller

No Villain by Arthur Miller

Hidden Hitchcock

Hidden Hitchcock by D. A. Miller

Insomniac dreams : experiments with time

Insomniac Dreams: Experiments In Time by Vladimir Nabokov compiled, edited, and with a commentaries by Gennady Barabtarlo

Good for Otto by David Rabe

Good For Otto by David Rabe

Visiting Edna; and Good For Otto : two plays

Visiting Edna And Good For Otto: Two Plays by David Rabe

The golden house a novel

The Golden House by Salman Rushdie


1668: The Year Of The Animal In France by Peter Sahlins

Conversations with Gary Snyder

Conversations With Gary Snyder edited by Stephen Calonne

Accidental orientalists : modern italian travelers in Ottoman lands

Accidental Orientalists: Modern Italian Travelers In Ottoman Lands by Barbara Spackman

The Wheels Of Chance: With A Student Guide To The Historical And Social Context Of The Novel by H. G. Wells with an introduction and notes by Jeremy Withers