Introduction to Legal Epidemiology, an online course

Why does the life expectancy in two neighboring counties differ? How does raising the minimum wage affect health? How do you assess the effectiveness of a newly adopted law aimed at preventing traumatic brain injury in youth? Is there an approach that answers all of these questions? Yes – It’s called legal epidemiology!

Legal epidemiology provides a scientific approach to studying the impact and effectiveness of laws on health. This class, offered by the Public Health Law Academy, introduces the basics of this important discipline. It is intended for public health practitioners, public health lawyers, policy analysts, and epidemiologists.

After this training, you will be able to

* explain how law affects health
* define and describe basic legal epidemiology principles
* apply legal epidemiology in practice

The Public Health Law Academy, supported by the CDC, promises a deeper understanding of the use of law and policy to improve population health outcomes. The Public Health Law Academy offers other classes as well.