Community Health Maps: Using Mapping Tools During Disasters : A webinar recording

Perhaps you’ve seen the way others use mapping in public health and wanted to try it yourself but are overwhelmed by the technology and/or simply too busy to pursue it. Or maybe you are already engaged in mapping but wish to enhance your community mapping initiatives with other tools. Now there’s a blog that was created to facilitate the use of GIS mapping for those that fall into these categories. This webinar, recorded on October 12, provides an overview of the tools available for you on the Community Health Maps blog and how they can be utilized during disaster response.

The Center for Public Service Communications and its partner Bird’s Eye View, together with the National Library of Medicine (NLM), have developed the Community Health Maps (CHM) initiative. The goal of this blog is to provide information about low cost mapping tools that can be used by community organizations.

The webinar discusses three GIS tools: Fulcrum for iOS and Android, QGIS for the desktop pc, and Carto which is a cloud-based platform. It also includes several case studies from around the country involving different populations so that you can see how these could be used.

Under its resources tab, the blog includes lab exercises to take you through the entire Community Health Mapping Workflow from field data collection through online data presentation. These are also available for you on YouTube.

This is a collaborative effort between the National Library of Medicine, the Center for Public Service Communications and Bird’s Eye View.