Professional Development: Becoming an Effective Leader

Do desire to develop the skills required to become an effective leader? Do you wish to gain a better understanding of different leadership styles? Do you want to learn more about how one becomes a strong leader? If so, then you might want to take this free online course offered by edX.

What you’ll learn:

* What leadership means and how have we come to identify what it comprises.
* Leadership styles and the theories behind them.
* The relationship between power and leadership and how to influence others.
* The role of ethics and values in leadership.
* How to become a credible leader and business steward.
* The importance of followership for leader outcomes.

Begins: October 9
Course length: 10 weeks
Time involved: 8-10 hours/week
Price: Free, with a Verified Certificate available for $99
Institution: University of Queensland, Australia
Instructor: Terrance Fitzsimmons, Lecturer in Leadership University of Queensland