Understanding systematic reviews and more at PubMed Health

Hilda Bastian from NLM will be talking about PubMed Health on July 26. This free online webcast can help you learn how to use PubMed Health for your work. This may be useful because, while it looks a lot like PubMed, PubMed Health is looking for information on clinical effectiveness, and some of the results that you find here will not appear in a PubMed search. This webinar will provide an overview of PubMed Health’s features, discussing recent and coming developments.

PubMed Health brings together systematic reviews of the effects of health care with information support tools to help researchers, consumers and clinicians
find and use reliable evidence. It also incorporates methodological resources about clinical effectiveness research.

Clinical effectiveness research looks for answers to the question, “What works?”, in health and medicine. PubMed Health also developed resources to help you with the complex task of systematic reviewing. Systematic reviewing is a key part of clinical effectiveness research. It is used across many other research areas, too.

A PubMed Health search will first seek out systematic reviews that match your terms. These results are displayed for you in the middle of the results screen. Your search will also look for methods guidance and studies that match your terms. PubMed Health content partners include AHRQ, Cochrane Collaboration, National Cancer Institute, DARE (Database of Reviews of Effects), and the University of California Press, among many others. These organizations and agencies provide the unique content available to you in PubMed Health. Due to the content here, your search can also be filtered in other interesting ways not available in regular PubMed.

Date: Jul 26, 2017
Time: 12:00PM PT
Cost: Free

Registration is now available online.