Leading With Effective Communication (Inclusive Leadership Training): A Self Paced Online Class from edX (reposted from last April)

Want to learn powerful communication skills that will help you to inspire others, promote a novel idea, or to have a difficult conversation? Want to see ways to be sure that the message you are intending to send is what is being received? Then you might want to join in with this class to explore this topic and the important role communication plays in inclusive leadership.

Through research and real-world examples, you will learn strategies to enhance your communication skills and approach. Topics will include understanding dialogue processes, debunking everyday communication myths, testing assumptions, listening, expressing yourself authentically, and communicating across differences. Short quizzes, case studies, and videos will help you develop these skills.

The Inclusive Leadership Training: Leading with Effective Communication is a self-paced class. It should take about 1-2 hours of time a week for 4 weeks. While it’s free, you can add a Verified Certificate for $50 if you wish.