Loeb Classical Library, Early Greek Philosophy

We are pleased to have received Loeb Classical Library’s nine new volumes entitled «Early Greek Philosophy».
Read the earliest Greek philosophical texts, including the fascinating Derveni papyrus, in print at the Art History/Classics Library, or find them online via UCB’s subscription access (http://www.loebclassics.com/view/LCL524/2016/volume.xml).


v. I. Introductory and reference materials — v. II. Beginnings and early Ionian thinkers, part 1 — v. III. Early Ionian thinkers, part 2 — v. IV. Western Greek thinkers, part 1 — v. V. Western Greek thinkers, part 2 — v. VI. Later Ionian and Athenian thinkers, part 1 — v. VII. Later Ionian and Athenian thinkers, part 2 — v. VIII. Sophists, part 1 — v. IX. Sophists, part 2.