Need information quickly?

Request a web portal account! Web portal requests are processed the fastest. The web portal to contract services provides a custom online interface to request services from the Public Health Library, such as journal articles and literature searches. Online request forms are pre-populated with your personal information (name, email, etc.) You can also view requests you have made in the past, as well as pending requests. The web portal also includes a link to electronic journal passwords, so you can more easily access these resources from anywhere.

Using your web portal, you can search your Document Delivery requests, so you will easily be able to learn if you requested a particular article or book, and when. Other features include the ability to sort online lists of your requests by title, author, or date requested, to view a list of books checked out to you (with one-click online renewing), and to get a list of your canceled Document Delivery requests.

Not yet a web portal user? To obtain your web portal username and password, please send an email to Marri Atienza at, or call (510) 642-2510. She will need your name, address, phone and fax numbers, email address, and unit, branch, or program name.

Below are some common FAQ’s that you should check out:

1. Why do I need a web portal account?

A web portal account allows you to have your own personalized portal to:
* access online request forms with your contact information already pre-filled in
* track the status of your document delivery requests
* access passwords to electronic journals
* and more!

2. Do I absolutely need a web portal account to use any of the Public Health Library’s services?

No. If you do not wish to obtain a web portal account, you are free to access services directly from our generic home page for CDPH. An account is not necessary for using any of our services on this web page. The web portal is an additional feature that allows you to access the services for CDPH web page with a more personalized view.

3. How can I get a web portal account?

To obtain a web portal account username and password, send an e-mail to Marri Atienza at with your name, unit, phone/fax numbers, and e-mail address.

4. Forgot your password?

Go to the web portal page. There you’ll find a Retrieve Your Password link.