Advanced Oral History Summer Institute: August 15-19, 2016

Aerial view of UC Berkeley campus

Apply now for a weeklong, advanced institute on the methodology, theory, and practice of oral history to be held August 15 through 19th at UC Berkeley’s newly-opened MLK Jr Student Center.

The institute is designed for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, university faculty, independent scholars, and museum and community-based historians who are engaged in oral history work.

The ¬†goal is to strengthen the ability of participants to conduct research-focused interviews and to consider special characteristics of interviews as historical evidence in a rigorous academic environment and is organized around the “life cycle” of the interview.

We will devote particular attention to how oral history interviews can broaden and deepen historical interpretation situated within contemporary discussions of history, subjectivity, memory, and memoir.

For details, see the Oral History Center website.

Shanna Farrell, Academic Specialist/Interviewer, The Bancroft Library, Oral History Center