Interventions with potential to reduce sedentary time in adults: What’s the evidence?

It is said, “Sitting is the new smoking.” There is growing public health concern about the amount of time spent sedentary. Too much time spent in sedentary behaviours is linked with poor health, including higher cardiometabolic risk markers, type 2 diabetes and premature mortality. A new study finds that here is strong evidence that it is possible to intervene to reduce sedentary behaviours in adults by 22 minutes a day. What are these effective interventions?

This free 60 minute webinar will look at the effectiveness of interventions which include a sedentary behaviour outcome measure in adults. Further, it will explore the implementation recommendations pointed to by this study.

The panelists are Anne Martin and Nanette Mutrie of the Physical Activity for Health Research Centre, Institute for Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh. They will present findings from their systematic review:

Interventions with potential to reduce sedentary time in adults: Systematic review and meta-analysis. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2015; 49(16):1056-63. pmid: 25907181

Date: Thursday, April 7
Time: 8:30am-9:30am Pacific Time

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