Announcing the 2016 “Class of ’31” Interviewee in University History: Professor Susan Ervin-Tripp

This year the Oral History Center received many nominations for the “Class of 31” interviewee in oral history. The field of nominees was very distinguished and we wish we could interview every one, but this year the honor goes to Professor Susan Ervin-Tripp. One nomination read:

Professor Susan Ervin-Tripp is long overdue for an oral history. She is certainly one of the longest serving women faculty members on campus. Much more importantly she has left her decisive mark on every area in which she has been involved. That her scholarship is path breaking and prodigious is a given…. Sue has a long track record of starting the first or one of the first organized groups of faculty women in the US in the 1970s to work for equal pay, job titles, hiring and promotion…. She also was instrumental in getting the Women’s Studies Program launched. She saw her role as helping others solve problems as particularly exemplified by her time as student ombudsperson.

Join me in both congratulating Ervin-Tripp for this honor and thanking her in advance for contributing once again to the university by agreeing to sit for this oral history interview.

Previous “Class of ’31” honorees include: Professor of Anthropology Laura Nader, Emeritus Director of the Pacific Film Archive Edith Kramer, and Pat Pelfrey (interview still in progress), who is a scholar of higher education and served as a speechwriter for UC Presidents.