Authors Karen Trapenberg Frick and Barrie Rokeach discuss replacing the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, 3/29

Bay Bridge looking towards Oakland

Karen Trapenberg Frick will  discuss her book – Remaking the San Francisco­-Oakland Bay Bridge: A Case of Shadowboxing with Nature (Routledge, 2016) – with Barrie Rokeach, author of Rising from the Bay: The New East Span of the San Francisco-­Oakland Bay Bridge.

On  the 17th of October 1989 one the largest earthquakes since 1906 struck Northern California. What ensued over the next 25 years is the extraordinary tale to which any governing authority should pay heed.

Trapenberg Frick describes the process by which the bridge was replaced as an exercise in shadowboxing which pitted the combined talents and shortcomings of the state’s leading elected officials, engineers, and architects against a collectively imagined future catastrophe of unknownproportions.

Barrie Rokeach chronicled the construction of the new eastern span via aerial photography through all phases of construction.

Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Time: 7:00pm to ­8:30pm

Place: Environmental Design Library Atrium, 210 Wurster Hall

Post contributed by David Eifler, Environmental Design Librarian